Coverage of County Judge criticized

To the Editor:

I found myself nodding in agreement while reading Lance Collins’ Letter to the Editor in the May 26th edition of the Fort Bend Independent.

Collins takes the newspaper to task for its routine disparagement of Fort Bend County Judge K.P. George.

I, too, have made note of this and wondered if it stems from a personality conflict.

After all, it should not be politically based if the paper is indeed to run under the moniker “Independent.”

Editorial expression permeates the news stories within your paper.

And even when its found in reports I agree with (such as the city managerial mess in Missouri City), it still should be labeled for what it is: Commentary.

Certainly, it falls within your purview to label it as such. You run long-winded conservative pieces from time to time.

Why not balance that out with viewpoints from other perspectives and headline the top of the page as Point/Counterpoint?

A one-sided account of the issues does not do justice to this diverse county.

Steven Jeffress

(Editor’s note: Your perception that the coverage is “one-sided” may be legitimate, but this coverage is precisely to balance the “one-sided” coverage of the county judge in all other media outlets.

I have not found one line of reporting even remotely challenging the statements of the county judge elsewhere.

In most cases, the writings in this paper seek to set the record straight, based on knowledge not known to the public,

Secondly, that the editorial comments permeate news stories does not de-legitimize the comment.

In the case of this writer, commentary is included to place a certain issue in context and to correct misperceptions from straight reporting.

In contemporary journalism, separation of news and opinion is no longer practiced.

I reluctantly do this due to my role, both as the editor and reporter.)

on County Judge “biased”

To the Editor:

Every week it gets more and more difficult to accept the word “Independent” that is in the title of your paper.

I’m only mildly interested in local politics but I notice that seldom does a week go by that I don’t see an article in your paper disparaging Fort Bend County Judge KP George.

This week was no exception, as you had a front page article mocking him and his actions with respect to mask-wearing guidance. In the article you refer to a statement that the judge made as a “diatribe”.

This is clearly not a neutral word and represents opinion.

But nowhere is the article identified as an editorial. This is not only poor journalistic practice, but borders on unethical.

You very well should have had an article relating to Judge George on the front page. It was announced early last week that Fort Bend County led the entire state of Texas in vaccination rate.

What a tremendous accomplishment.

Why did you not mention this at all? Bias - that’s why.

Lance Collins