Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office identifies person of interest in connection with racist graffiti in Katy neighborhood

Photo via KHOU report

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office has identified a person of interest possibly responsible for tagging about 30 cars and other property with racist graffiti and inappropriate drawings in Katy. 

Via a KHOU report today, residents in the Hickory Creek subdivision near Cinco Ranch woke up on June 3 to cars and sidewalks spray-painted with graphic, racist words too harmful to publish.

“When something like this comes up it’s really sad to see and especially in front of our children,” Tatjana Evans, a resident of the area said.

Authorities have not arrested or charged anyone yet. They said no specific homes were targeted. 

The incident comes as the country deals with heightened racial tensions after the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, by a Minneapolis Police officer.

Evans said her neighborhood won’t tolerate such acts and called on her community to come together.

“We don’t want to teach our children that that’s acceptable behavior,” Evans said. “We want to teach the next generation that we are all one and we stick together. We support each other. We live in the same community and we treat each other as we’re family.”