Fort Bend Food Offerings Appeal To Increasing Vegan Population

Although Texas is known for its finger-licking BBQ ribs, brisket and chicken-fried steak, an increasing number of locals have adopted a plant-based lifestyle in recent years.

Fort Bend native Valeta Renee Herndon was a flight attendant for 20 years before deciding to make a full-time career out of her one true passion – raw vegan food. The Traveling Carrot food truck was born out of Valeta’s love for vegan food and a desire to share her knowledge and experience with others. The food truck, which is stationed in Katy and offers delicacies such as organic zucchini and hemp seed ravioli, organic nori sushi rolls, and organic coconut fudge cake, attracts customers from as far as Sugar Land and Cypress over in Harris County.

It has been a challenging year for the industry

The restaurant industry, which includes food trucks like The Traveling Carrot, has taken a hard knock over the past year. Although lockdown restrictions have, for the most part, been eased across the state, it will take the restaurant industry some time to recover from the setback it has suffered. In order to make this recovery as swift and painless as possible, business owners need to be willing to think outside the box and fully embrace the variety of resources available to them. Vegan eateries, in particular, may find themselves resorting to resorting to elaborate menu offeringsand creative marketing tactics to reconnect with old customers and attract new ones.

Food bloggers yield a lot of power

One way to give Fort Bend vegan food businesses such as Valeta’s food truck the boost they deserve is by leveraging the power of blogging. Research has found that consistent, engaging blogging can improve leads by up to 67%. Apart from increasing engagement, a blog can also help drive sales by improving the public perception of a brand. Although starting a blog may seem easy, it does require a lot of planning. Apart from choosing a catchy name, it is also important to pick suitable topics such as vegan recipes, plant-based lifestyle tips, and vegan activism. Would-be bloggers can peruse the work of some of Texas’s top vegan bloggers to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t.

Never stop evolving

In order for local vegan food operators like The Traveling Carrot to flourish, they need to be able to adapt to rapidly-changing market conditions. When her partnership with Tru Meals in Houston came to an end, Valeta was forced to make some difficult decisions. Although it has not always been smooth sailing, her tenacity and adaptability have served her well. Every year brings with it new challenges, and operators within the vegan food industry can only benefit from adjusting their business strategies as needed. This may also require embracing emerging technologies and adhering to adjusted health and safety protocols.

An increasing number of vegan eateries have been popping up over Fort bend in recent years. By continuing to offer delicious and nutritious food and remaining resilient, these eateries are bound to become stalwarts in the local food scene.