How Virtual Events Can Entice Past Customers

What’s the best way to woo back lost customers during the 2021 economic recovery? Research shows that about two-thirds of customers leave because they think companies don’t care about them. The good news is you can win back unhappy customers through virtual events. These web-based events can create engagement with attendees through methods like game-changing industry concepts. Here are some of the most effective ways you can attract past patrons.

Engage attendees to help fix problems

There are various reasons why customers leave. The first step is to figure out why that happened, such as bad offerings or customer service. A virtual event could be part of a larger “We Fixed It” campaign that shows your company is making changes to get back customers. The virtual event can include elements like chats, surveys, and polls to receive valuable feedback. Virtual event planners can help to tailor the event for your target audience as part of the problem-solving campaign.

Your company could even make the online event’s theme your company’s response to customer satisfaction issues. One example is a product redesign launch that explains how your company received customer feedback, then used R&D to create a better product. The scale of the campaign and virtual event can vary. What’s critical is the ultimate goal of the We Fixed It campaign. That’s to show your company is listening to customer pain points, then taking necessary action.

Boost engagement through social media

A 2021 Pew survey shows that about 70 percent of US adults in Texas and other states uses the world’s largest social platform Facebook. This makes it important to boost engagement during virtual events using your target market’s favorite social platforms. You can launch a social media campaign to deal with customers who jumped ship, while also connecting with them through your web event. The event can provide feedback through live polls and surveys that your company can incorporate into the campaign. You can also use platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn as part of your online event marketing campaign.

Another option is to include tie-ins through social networks that encourage past customers to get back onboard. This can include different options like coupons, contests, or votes shared during or after your web event. For example, you can provide social fans with a list of past products or services they’d like your company to bring back. Create a #BringItBack hashtag across all your company’s social sites to boost participation by inactive customers.

Offer incentives linked to online events

Everyone likes a good deal, so this is an effective way to encourage past customers to attend your online event and return to the fold. You could provide a special discount code for your company website that is shared sometime during the event. When sending an email or text message it’s important to include key phrases like “we miss you,” “let’s catch up,” and “we want you back.” The promotion should offer a good deal and be personalized. For example, you could offer a secret giveaway to all virtual attendees of your web invent.

Web events have reportedly soared 1000 percent since the early months of 2020. They can provide good solutions for past customers to become return customers through features like “fix-it” feedback, social media interaction, and event promotions. It matters why customers left, and virtual events can give them lots of reasons to come back.