Missouri City appoints Bond Exploratory Committee

Missouri City City Council has appointed 24 members to the 2021 Bond exploration committee and the members are:

Howard Ernest Moline

Don Smith

Barbara “BJ” Johnson

Shad Bogany

Joanna Ouderkirk

Jenny Bailey

Diane Mauricio

John Fletcher

Vickie McBride

Angie Young

Raymond Livingston

Owen Matherne

Patricia Arbuckle

Brandon Herndon

Kim Hardison

Sonya Giddings

Michael Watson

Rodney Griffin

Everett Land

Angie Wierzbicki

Charles Benton

Jonathan Winfiele

Charles Butera

Vivian Turner.

Last week, this newspaper published a report on the committee appointments, but the list was incomplete.

One of the missing names was that of Rodney Griffin. The initial list contained 17 names and the city was asked about the missing name.

The city sent a corrected list, but it was received after the paper went to press.

The following four names were missing in the list published last week.

Rodney Griffin

Everett Land

Angie Wierzbicki

Charles Benton

“I’m so ready to serve and bring my skill sets to the table. I thank Mayor Robin Elackatt and Council for this appointment,” Griffin said last week.

Serving on the BEC, members will review information from city staff regarding the city’s roles and authorities, previous bond programs, the current needs for improved or additional facilities, related maintenance and operating costs for each project, and the financial capacity of the city to assume bond debt.

Additionally, they will review demographic trends and other relevant studies to determine the impact of population growth patterns within the city that may affect the roadways, facilities and parks of the city.

The committee will help identify the financial impact on taxpayers along with programmatic impact and community benefits to determine if project proposals meet appropriate tests for inclusion in a bond program with an affordable financial scope as will be established by the city council.

All projects should be based upon need, have a significant scale and outcome, have an expected 20-year design life or better, be able to be completed within seven years of the bond election and be consistent with the city’s adopted plans and policies.

The BEC will do this while engaging and receiving citizen input through public meetings to receive public input on proposed needs and related impacts.

Finally, the BEC will create a recommendation regarding a bond election and the prospects for conducting a successful election in November, 2021.

To accomplish this endeavor, there is a time commitment with the following proposed schedule:

June 24 Citizen Bond Committee to meet to review & prioritize projects and financing sources then vote on a recommendation to City Council.

July 5 City Council will receive a presentation from Citizen Bond Committee at their Special Meeting, Council to hold a public hearing to receive feedback on the proposed projects and election during regular council agenda.