Missouri City honors the Ungars for well-designed yard

The Quail Valley Garden Club has announced the beautiful yard of Eric & Kim Ungar as the “Yard of the Month” for May, 2021. Pictured L-to-R: Deborah Douglas, QVGC President, Kristy Casey-Deal, YOM Co-Chair, Homeowners Kim and Eric Ungar and Rose Ann Acosta, YOM Co-Chair.
My first thought was “WOW, look at this!”, said co-chair Rose Ann Acosta. That was what instantly came to my mind when I looked at Eric and Kim Ungar’s well-designed and landscaped yard – “this yard looks like it was professionally landscaped!” But, in fact, we learned that Eric planted all the plants himself basing it on a landscape design. Eric shared that “it is always challenging to landscape a yard that has a lot of shade”.

The Ungars have chosen plants that work well in shade and in full-to-partial sun, paying close attention to adding beautiful seasonal color to their yard for year-round appeal.

They selected plants that work well in the sun or shade such as Coral Bells heuchera, begonias, pentas, lantana, blue daze, just to name a few. Additionally, they picked dwarf yaupons which is a great pick - especially if we ever have another epic winter storm!

You can easily imagine the Ungars experiencing a warm “welcome home” feeling as they drive up their driveway and we can imagine them enjoying a cup of coffee in their favorite spot in their backyard too, all the while admiring their gardens and artwork.

Our committee was unanimous – “it was an easy choice” to name this yard our “Yard of the Month for May”, says co-chair Kristy Casey Deal. “I love the sense of “yin & yang” at the center of the yard and the color in the potted plants at the door just seems to add that “cheery welcome” feel which is aided by the unique arrangement of church decor!” Kristy added, “there is just the right sense of balance to it!”!

Kim and Eric Ungar have lived in Quail Valley for almost 10 years now. They were attracted to this area by the mature trees and custom homes in this special golf course community.

It is actually Eric who is the “gardener” in the family! Assist by his wife, Kim, who is attracted to, and offers suggestions for, planting unique and bird-friendly plants, it is Eric however, that actually does the work in the yard and gardens!

Eric shared that his love of gardening is deep-rooted and comes from his father who was his inspiration and who taught Eric the joy and sense of accomplishment that comes from working in the dirt and cultivating beautiful gardens.

When asked “What is your biggest challenge?”, Eric replied “the abundance of shade provided by the Live Oak tree challenges the growth of grass underneath”. However, instead of fighting with it, Eric chose to work with the natural conditions this shade creates and planted ground cover that thrives in the shade and also requires less water.

We asked Eric “What advice would you share with others who aspire to win this prestigious and coveted award”? His answer was to get dirty and be brave, saying “don’t be afraid to get dirty or to try new things.

“If plants “don’t make it” consider it an opportunity – not a problem!”

The City of Missouri City presents an Appreciation of Beautification Award to Eric and Kim Ungar as winners of the QVGC’s Yard of the Month Award.