Missouri City Police Chief reports decrease in crimes

Missouri City is the 22nd safest city in Texas, Police Chief Mike Berezin told the city council while presenting the annual report.

Berezin said Part 1 crimes have a clearance rate of 17% in Missouri City while the state average is at 28%.

He said the city’s police now have 6,000 more cameras for preventing/solving crimes; has an investigator working on human trafficking rescues, and that the police drone program was able to catch some criminals and locate some lost persons.

Also, Berezin said he has put in a new recruitment process for prospective police; destroyed more than 569 pounds of prescription drugs and partnered with FBISD and the DEA for several drug take backs; attended 366 HOA/civic meetings conducted in 26 neighborhood sweeps and had 14,750 code violations.

The police department also got $40,791 in funding for overtime traffic enforcements; $10,600 from the Justice Dept. for fitness equipment; $93,774 from the Crime Victim Liaison for distracted and impaired individuals, and $10,529 for driving education.

Code enforcements were 7,852 for initial inspections, 3,630 for follow ups, 3,314 for removing signs, 4,791 for new code cases opened, 4,418 acknowledged and 5,075 for cases closed.

Then he showed a slide to council about code enforcement in the four districts of the city. District A has 1,617 citizens in it; B, 1,225; C, 759, and D, 1,188. Code violations in District A are trash screening, junked vehicles, vegetation, private property issues, and garbage in that order.

District B also had trash screening, tree problems, vegetation, trash placement and junked vehicles. District C had trash screening, trash, junked cars, vegetation, and garbage. District D had the same problems as District C.

Calls for service in the four districts were premise check, traffic stop, ordinance violation, follow stop, security check, ordinance sign removal, assist citizen and residential alarm, field investigation, disturbance, commercial alarm, and order violation.

Berezin then went to Part I crimes. He said there were no changes from 2016-2017. There was 8.75% reduction in crashes and 54,149 in contacts.

The 2017 to 2018 year had a 37% reduction with 2.5% in crashes and 84,967 contacts. In 2018 to 2019 there was a 10% reduction in Part 1 crimes, 7% in crashes and 53,312 contacts.

Property crimes were in burglary, larceny, and motor theft. In 2018 there were 97 burglaries, 670 larceny, and 44 motor thefts. In 2019 there were 86 burglaries, 670 larceny, and 44 motor thefts.

The difference in the 2 years is 1 less burglary, minus 48 in larceny, and 9 more motor thefts. The totals are 811 for 2018 and 773 for 2019 with a difference of minus 38 or minus 5%.

A five-year average in property crimes included 175.2 in burglaries with a low of 97, a high of 229 and an average of 98 in 2019.

Larceny for 2019 in property crimes was 832.6, a low of 953 and a 622 high. Auto theft in 2019 came in at 84.4, a low of 44, and a high of 109. The average for 2019 was 98 burglaries, 622 larceny and 53 for auto theft.

Violent crimes from 2018 to 2019 in Missouri City changed by 12 %. Murders came in at 5 in 2018 and dropped to 1 in 2019 for minus 80%. Rapes were 22 in each year. Robberies for each year were 27 and dropped to 24 for a minus 11%.

Aggravated assaults were 47 in 2018 and 42 in 2019 for another minus 11%.

Totals came in at 101 in violent crimes for 2018 and were 89 for 2019 – a difference of 12%.