Nehls introduces Washington Bureaucrat Accountability Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Nehls today introduced the Washington Bureaucrat Accountability Act. This legislation will reallocate unused earmark funds, estimated to be over $2 billion, towards reducing the national debt. Initial co-sponsors of the Washington Bureaucrat Accountability Act include Reps. Randy Weber, Louie Gohmert, and Brian Babin of Texas.

“Today, I was proud to introduce a common-sense debt reduction bill that will take unused earmark funds and reallocate them towards reducing the national debt,” said Congressman Nehls. “It’s estimated there is more than $2 billion in unused earmark funds for projects that never came to fruition. This money is just sitting there in an obscure account and, by law, cannot be spent on anything but the project the earmark was initially authorized for. My bill will change that by reallocating it towards reducing the national debt.

What’s outrageous is that no one could tell us the exact number of how much was previously authorized for these earmarks but never spent. We received an estimate from the Congressional Research Service of over $2 billion but the Office of Management and Budget never responded to us with an exact figure.

Imagine if the American people ran their own checkbooks that way. Just misappropriating and losing tens of thousands of their own paychecks in obscure accounts that they can’t find. It’s no way for anyone to manage their personal finances and certainly no way for our federal government to manage taxpayer money.

This bill is just the first step. I will get to the bottom of how much previously authorized but unspent earmark money is out there. I promised the constituents of my district that I would fight for government accountability and that’s exactly what this is.”