Piece of history restored to the prison turned science museum

Nick Poole, left, Casey Poole and Kristy Poole, family members of Terry Fisher, stand by the old building marker plaque at the Houston Museum of Natural Science on University Boulevard in Telfair, Sugar Land on Monday. A retired guard and warehouse manager, Fisher had preserved the plaque from the 80-year-old building, as he thought the building would be demolished. When the building was transformed from old prison to modern museum, a large square of rough,unfinished concrete near the original double door visitors’ entrance was visible. The missing sign or building marker, however, was not found. The space was subsequently painted dark red to blend with the surrounding brick, and remained empty. Last summer, during a museum visit with his family, Terry Fisher, happened to meet Museum Director, Adrienne Barker. Fisher mentioned the marker had fallen off the wall, during his watch. With the warehouse closing and the area headed to re-development, Fisher had taken the marker for safekeeping when he retired, believing it would be otherwise destroyed. Fisher immediately offered to return it to its original home, if it was wanted. Barker travelled to North Texas in early September, to meet Fisher and his wife, Kathy, and to pick it up. Fisher died earlier this year, before the marker was back in place. — SESHADRI KUMAR.