Sovereign States fall prey to Sovereign Corporations


Human beings are social. We thrive as groups and communities. We assembled ourselves into groups and tribes in the early civilization. Our race moved through the stone, bronze, and iron ages with technical advances. The technological advantages have allowed us to move from hunters and gatherers to farming communities which allowed us to organize into villages, towns, and ultimately into cities.

The technical advances allowed the human race to be organized into a hierarchical structure and unleashed fiefdoms and kingdoms.

The arrival of Christianity and science in its infancy allowed religious states where religion is used to control the public to protect the crown and clergy. The greatest quality of the human mind is its desire for limitless expansion and to unravel the things that were unknown to us before.

The very nature of human behavior unleashed several technical breakthroughs that allowed us to understand the causes of floods, earthquakes, and exploration of our universe.

The discovery that earth is not flat and it revolves around the sun has weakened the grip of religious states and the dawn of sovereign states. However, the expansion of the sovereign states was limited to western countries until the 20th century.

The western sovereign states equipped with the technology colonized vast parts of South America, Asia, and Africa. The technology mostly enabled sovereign states until the late 20th century. However, the breakthrough in personal computing and internet-enabled and empowered corporations beyond their origin country for the first time. The role and influence of tech companies in the economy of sovereign nations increased multifold in the second decade of the 21st century as the traditional brick and mortar businesses in retail, banking, investment, Ad, and media businesses started crumbling and giving clear victory to the tech and tech-enabled companies. The usage of social media platforms by the first presidential campaign of Obama has unleashed its importance in changing the political outcome.

Social media companies became ever-powerful between 2010 and 2020. It is a known fact that the social media companies empowered the Trump campaign to the micro-target individual voter with a custom message and tilted the PA, WI, and MI to Trump by crumbling the so-called blue wall.

Social media further triggered anarchy in the structured wall street when citizens of the west started putting the stimulus money into stocks.

Several billionaires took to social media to advance their businesses and stock portfolio by unleashing the dark energy in the neo retail investors which defied all the reason and logic of disciplined investing.

Rally in Hertz stock after it filed for bankruptcy and rise of Game Stop is the greatest example of a tribal moment in the 21st century that can destroy any set norms or procedures.

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube banning Trump from using the platforms were the greatest example that these companies have become sovereign corporations. Section 230 became a joke as well as controversial.

In the last 5 years, we have seen the rise of sovereign individuals such as George Soros who has no allegiance to the country of his citizenship with his “open borders” initiative.

The sovereign govern-ments as we know of are being weakened.

In the COVID-19 Pandemic, China proved to the world that democracy that installs sovereign governments is flawed. Their governance of the market economy with an iron fist delivers better results to their citizens.

The Chinese model of growth and development comes with a huge cost to human rights. The rise of Authoritarian leaders across the globe is a compromise between sovereign states and the iron fist of China.

In several societies, Humans are being manipulated and have become humanoids. The originality of our thought process that built the human rights and put the autocracy. Oligarchy and Plutocracy in check are losing their grip.

The rise of sovereign corporations, sovereign Individuals is not just limited to the West. It is happening in India and other developing countries.

Narendra Modi’s government has suspended several Non-Profit organizations that receive foreign funds by implementing the Foreign Contributions Regulations Act (FCRA) strictly.

The disgruntled foreign entities funded the recent agitations against CAA and also protests against the Farm Bill.

The funding for farm bill protests was routed through Sikh NRIs that are affiliated with Khalistan movement. These sovereign entities with the tacit support of local are challenging the duly elected sovereign government’s duty to legislate and govern. The absolute people’s mandate given to the Bharatiya Janata Party government is being challenged.

BJP suspended the implementation of the farm bill due to the pressure of the minority for 18 months.

The very essence of democracy of majority rule is in danger. It is time to wake up and protect and preserve democracy by stopping the manipulative forces of sovereign states and individuals.

Otherwise, centuries of progress in protecting the human rights and basics of democratic governance are at a huge risk.

Srini Katta is the founder and CEO of Aapoon, a social media messaging app.