Together we excel


As we phase out of the impact of the winter storm there is more work to do and so much to be grateful for.

We must assess and update our current policy as it relates to our Emergency Management Plan covering this unprecedented winter storm. It is also imperative to formally establish lines of communication with our energy provider(s) and our Utility Districts as the services they control and provide are critical to the well-being of our residents and businesses.

We are grateful for the service and dedication of our public servants. Our Police and Fire personnel continued to keep us safe, provided rescue and medical attention to those in need while maintaining the lines of communications on safety issues. The Public Works staff maintained traffic control on our roadways while preparing our bridges and roadways for the icy conditions. The communications staff kept us informed on critical issues through their various communications platforms while setting up the press conferences where we brought critical information to our residents and the general public. The City Manager and City staff provided administrative assistance while continuing to do the business of the City. The commitment made by our Emergency Management Team as they managed and controlled the many actions and facets of our emergency management plan. Representatives from our Utility Districts provided updates and status of water supply and safety precautions in the use of our water supply. The Animal Shelter staff and dedicated volunteers cared for our pets who strayed from their owners care. They maintained the operations of the Animal Shelter during the entire winter storm. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the presence and team effort of our Mayor and City Council. They were deeply involved in many of the aspects of our Emergency Management Plan and in constant contact and support of those team members mentioned above. Not to be overlooked was the partnership with our County, State and national officials as collectively we developed action plans on how to combat the conditions brought about by this winter storm. Moving forward we recognize Ft. Bend County officials efforts for establishing a curb side pick-up program of debris associated with water damage repairs.

From a humanistic standpoint we can point to the opening of a warming center at our Missouri City Tennis/Recreation Center where we provided warmth, sleeping accommodations, water and other necessities to survive the cold and icy conditions. With the assistance of our FB County Judge, FB Commissioner and a site coordinator from the FB County Emergency Management group we were given access to the services of our State Guard who provided assistance in caring for those approximately 40 residents who sheltered at our facility, volunteer nurses who looked after any medical needs of our visitors and cots and blankets needed for overnight visitors. Members of our Police and Fire were there to assist and maintain order and safety and the Tennis/Recreation staff who facilitated the use of their facility.

This weather event brought out the best in our citizens and business partners as they provided the basic necessities of food and water. Niagara Water donated more than 75 pallets of water for distribution to our citizens. This water donation was provided to our citizens at numerous City distribution events held at the Missouri City City Hall, several Fire stations and HOA and Church locations throughout the City. Individual Citizens or Groups also participated in water distribution through their collection and distribution to citizens in need. Water was distributed to many Senior Nursing facilities and to individual shut-in residents. Our local restaurants and bakeries stepped up to the plate big time and donated food items and prepared meals to individuals and families at distribution events or at the homes of shut-ins. Second Mile Mission and Houston Food Bank also participated in serving families who were in need of food and water items.

One must also recognize this support and assistance was provided under the COVID 19 restrictions and mandates where we stressed strict adherence for the protection of our citizens and City staff.

Missouri City has adopted the credo of TOGETHER WE EXCEL as we strive to meet the citizens, residents and businesses service and support needs. I would submit that this severe weather event tested our resolve and commitment to meet this Credo. As a member of the City government I am extremely proud of the City’s and Citizens/Businesses efforts in meeting our goal. We are much stronger because of our commitment to attain the City’s Credo of TOGETHER WE EXCEL.

(Emery is Missouri City’s councilmember for District D.)